Fighting for Justice through Forensic Medicine

Our Mission:

To provide the victims of sexual assault in the Northern California Counties of Napa, Solano, Sonoma, Marin, Mendocino and Lake, the 24-hour-a-day availability of a Professional Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner.

  • To guarantee that children who have been sexually assaulted will only have to tell their story one time.
  • To guarantee the availability and use of state-of-the-art sexual assault examination equipment, technology and forensic laboratories.
  • To create partnerships with agencies that support our passion for justice and advocate for those affected by sexual assault.
  • To actively use our network and power as a 503c Non-profit to outreach, increase awareness and provide relevant education in the communities we serve.
  •  To provide ongoing professional development for our Nurse Examiners (SANEs).

The  Sexual Assault Response Team or SART exist to provide 24-hour-a-day nursing services to sexual assault victims by performing forensic medical exams and offering expert testimony to the judicial system. Napa, Marin, Solano, Lake, Mendocino, Sonoma County police agencies or military law enforcement officers at Travis Airforce Base, initiate the SART Team. After responding to a reported sexual assault, our Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners assist in the investigation. We are the SVU (Special Victims Unit) you may have heard of on Television programs.

The Judicial System relies on forensic exam evidence to file and successfully prosecute sexual offenders. Our Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners are on call 24-hours-a-day to respond to law enforcement agency requests for sexual assault exams. They may be called to any one of four hospital-based exam facilities and are trained to collect and preserve forensic evidence. SANEs also testify in court.

We also have Our Courage Center for Children that provides private examinations and interviews by highly seasoned sexual assault forensic nurses. The Courage Center operates in partnership with District Attorneys Office and The Department of Justice. It is designed specifically for the purpose of obtaining the highest degree of privacy, dignity and professionalism when serving children suspected of having been the victims of rape, incest, or molestation. We make it so these children only need to tell their side of the story one time in the pursuit of justice.

Lastly, we connect with Advocacy Agencies to complete the team: Sexual Assault Victim Services (SAVS), in Napa County, and SafeQuest in Solano County for example. These agencies respond immediately to provide California State Approved Advocacy, emotional support to the victim at the time of the exam. They provide counseling and support throughout the criminal justice process as well.



“We strive to uphold the balance of Truth and Justice that forensic expertise brings to the victims and survivors of sexual assault.”

Lisa Lewis Javar

Executive Director

Lead Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner




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Thanks to ALL who attended Napa’s First Conference on Human Trafficking


Napa is not immune to Human Trafficking.

A FREE Informational Conference at Napa Valley College!
Human Trafficking is Modern Slavery!
NVC Performing Arts Center, Napa Main Campus

Napa is not immune to Human Trafficking
A recent Santa Rosa sting found 75 Napa residents attempting to solicit the services of a minor
Victims are groomed (manipulated) as early as age 9
The average age of Human Trafficking victims is 13 years old
Victims are boys & girls; Higher amounts are paid for boys

We CAN be the difference; we can help, learn now about Human Trafficking!
Conference includes SPEAKERS
~ Nancy O’Malley, Alameda County District Attorney,
~ Chris Mahurin, Detective, Santa Rosa Police Department
~ Panel of victims that escaped Human Trafficking sharing their story
~ Interviews with CONVICTED Human Traffickers

~ Organized by Doris Gentry and her STAFF at NVC Foster & Kinship Care Education Program & the Team below in PARTNERSHIP with SANESART.ORG:

Special Thanks to Napa District Attorney, Sponsor and event MC, Gary Lieberstein as well as a Steering Committee of invested and interested leaders including: Nancy O’Malley Keynote Speaker & Alameda County District Attorney; Allison Haley, Napa County Chief Deputy District Attorney; Chris Mahurin, Conference Speaker & Detective Santa Rosa Police Dept; Stephen Potter, Chief Napa Police Department; Todd Shulman, Detective Napa Police Department; Lisa Lewis-Javar Sane Sart Ex Dir; David Guerrero Napa County Probation; Julie Baptista, Napa County Probation; Anna Paulson CA Hwy Patrol Community Liason Officer; Connie Evans Health Education & Perinatal Outreach St Joseph Health; Danielle Alexander Community Organizer; Darcey Jezycki Piners Community Liaison Representative; Greg Miraglia Dean Napa Valley College; James Byrum Sane Sart; Joe Lopez Aldea Treatment Services; Kami Timm Sisters of St Joe; Mary Anne Powers FKCE Napa Valley College; Mary Butler Chief Probation Officer; Toni McIntosh Juvenile Diversion Officer Napa Police Department; Nick Lawrence, FKCE Santa Rosa Junior College

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BIG GIANT THANK YOU’s GO OUT TO THE 500+ people who ran with us to raise awareness about sexual violence & educate communities & individuals on how to prevent it. Runners finished wearing a rainbow of colors!

SANE SART Executive Director, Lisa Lewis-Javar used the opportunity to educate and share her support for Erin’s Law (

Survivor & Ms. Vacaville, Hazel Payne was also very engaging and inspiring when she addressed  the crowd. The heart she has for children affected by sexual assault is awe-inspiring.

All three of these amazing leaders in Solano County pictured below.

(ED Lisa Lewis Javar, Advocate, Ms. Vacaville,Hazel Payne, Solano County District Attorney, Krishna Abrams)

threeamazingladiesofsolanoThanks to the DJ, Costco, KUIC,, Muscle Milk, Fleet Feet Sports Vacaville, Team In Training, Event Organizer & RN SANE Karen Stewart and all those who helped make this happen!


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Changes to SANE SART Board

As with any good thing, changes eventually come. We at SANE SART are pleased to announce that in January 2013,  SANE SART President & Police Commander Steve Potter will be passing on his role as President to SANE SART Board member & Sexual Assault Advocate, Terry Cox. She will make an excellent President who brings years of expertise and compassion to the position!

Former Napa City Council Member, business man , James Krider will be replacing Teresa Cunningham Esq. as Vice President.  If he is as passionate about racing as he is RACING CARS, we could all be in for a ride! Don’t worry Teresa Cunningham Esq. will still be on our be on our Board of Directors, we couldn’t do our work without her. She will be serving us in strategic planning and consulting on all legal matters.

We are also saddened and pleased for founding member RN SANE Vickie Whitson, who is retiring. She will however join our Board of Directors and serve as an R.N. Education Consultant. She was one of our founding nurses and as a B.S.N. who attended nursing school at Solano College & the University of California, Dominguez Hills; she displayed an abiding passion to serve others.

She has been an RN for 18 years and a compassionate Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner(SANE-A) for 13 years. In her retirement she plans to enjoys being a grandmother, reading, crocheting and rooting for her San Diego Chargers.

We are humbled to have been able to work with you Vickie!
Her dedication has inspired us all to serve the survivors in our jurisdiction with the grace and professionalism as she did. Pictured here (from L to R) with Judy Durham(SAVS), Lisa Lewis-Javar(E.D. SANE SART) R.N. SANE’s Vickie Witson, Kari Cordero, Karen Stewart, Sara Zombrano, and Treasurer, Nicole Solario.

Other board members  include: Shandra Knego, Kathy Lenning, Paige Kinsman, James Byrum, Maria Carlomagno, Edward Ballerini, , Honorary Memeber Gary LiebersteinDistrict Attorney and Lisa Lewis­-Javar, RN SANE­-A & Executive Director of SANE SART.

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“Those who have the strength” SANE-SART PSA Directed by Bruce Brown

“Those who have the strength” SANE-SART PSA Directed by Bruce Brown from Bruce Brown on Vimeo.

We premiered this film at Wine on the Water in 2012 at Coal Shed Art Studios and later submitted the full twenty minute documentary at the Napa Valley Film Festival and many others.

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The “Real” Wonder Woman

The Napa Chamber of Commerce and Mechanics Bank has chosen our Executive Director Lisa Lewis-Javar as this year’s medical professional of the year!

Along with being a full-time R.N. at Kaiser Permanente, Lisa is a tireless Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner leading a team of 5 forensic nurses. She received her forensics degree at Kaplan University and has been a dedicated lead SANE for 12 years at SANE SART. She played an integral role in helping to start a Rape Crisis center in Zambia and has her eyes on Rwanda in the near future. In Lusaka, the capital city of Zambia they can have up to 135 child sexual assaults in one month.

Recently, she created a stir on Hwy. 29 by teaming up with and Shared Hope International by placing a billboard that reads, “This man wants to rent your daughter”.  Outspoken and fearless, Lisa is determined to bring awareness to the issues of sexual trafficking and exploitation of children.

Lisa is an asset to our 503c non-profit and certainly to Napa, Marin and Solano Counties.

“This award is about so many women ,children, boys and girls who have been victimized. I hope this will bring more awareness to the silence that is so common among sexual assault survivors. Lots of work to be done! Thank you Napa Chamber of Commerce and Mechanics Bank!” Lisa Lewis-Javar ED

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This man wants to rent your daughter. Too harsh or harsh reality?

Part of our campaign to promote awareness of child sex trafficking in April 2012.  This billboard appeared on Highway 29, first facing South and then facing North.

Thank you to Shared Hope International and Do You know Lacy. com for helping bring light to a dark situation!

Here is what the locals thought about it!

This billboard also spurred controversy on local radio station talk shows and on Facebook post, so in our view it was effective in making people think about this harsh topic!


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“Love Is Not Abuse” iPhone Application

We are very pleased to announce that the Liz Claiborne Inc. “Love Is Not Abuse” iPhone Application is now available for download in the iTunes App Store!

The new iPhone app is designed to teach parents – in a very real way – about the dangers of teen dating abuse and provides a dramatic demonstration of how technology can be used to commit abuse. Over the course of the experience, text messages, emails and phone calls are received real-time, mimicking the controlling, abusive behaviors teens might face in their relationships. Continue reading

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Forensic Nurse Training: What’s in store for 2012!

WE will be recruiting a new Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner soon! Find out how you can be in the running for this very special calling!!!

We strive to uphold the balance of Truth and Justice that our forensic expertise brings to the victims and survivors of sexual assault. For years, victims of sexual assault have been forced to wait long hours in the emergency department before receiving a forensic exam. The development of sexual assault forensic examiner programs and sexual assault response teams (SART) has changed this and improved care for victims.

Continue reading

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Current SANE Training

The Balance of justice and truth benefits both the victim and those accused equally. The DNA does not lie. It serves as evidence without respect to persons.

Recently we sent our Forensic Nurses to the IAFN Conference in Quebec, Canada for some of the latest insights into DNA Justice. Our director Lisa Lewis-Javar revealed, “It has been a very interesting course on identifying human remains. “Not just a box full of bones…”, South Carolina Coroner and Anthroplogist lectured, as he shared a new data- base called NAMUS that is used to identify missing persons. It will certainly bring closure to so many families who do not know what happened to their loved ones.

We strive to uphold the balance of truth and justice that our forensic expertise brings to victims and survivors of sexual assault.

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At-Risk Youth Event: Skate-n-Paint

At-Risk youth received masks, spray paint, and lessons sponsored by HOME DEPOT, Napa Valley Art Supplies, EMP Graffiti Street Team, DuloDulo Video-Magazine & SANE SART of Napa & Solano. Over 300 youth came out to Skate-n-Paint:Northern California’s largest Urban Graffiti event in 2011~where they covered 2000 sq. ft of space at a local jump house.

SANE SART was there to provide masks, childcare for those too young to wear a mask and counseling to a few survivors as well.

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