The ONE STOP Center: Zambia, Africa

10300236_10204776665041442_5051599429995831610_nIn Lusaka, the capital city of Zambia they can have up to 135 child sexual assaults in one month & less than 1% will ever be held accountable for their crimes against children. Under the leadership of Dr. Charles Clemons, Founder of the Zambian Society for Child Protection and SANE SART, these children have a fighting chance to change these unfortunate circumstances.

Through Our Sister City Center, “One Stop” in Lusaka, we are helping this dire situation through education, justice and truth. We have already sent many people from their child sexual assault team to Napa Valley for training and education. They were sent to Sorenson Labs in Utah to become full fledged forensic analyst. Our guests were Mr. Chimpampo(Chief of Zambian Police), Mr. Kasales (Police Officer in charge of victim advocacy), Sister Catherine (Registered Nurse) and Mr. Sampa(Chief Clinical Officer). They also met with several Napa County Judges and District Attorney Gary Leiberstein. In 2012 we helped establish the first forensic laboratory of it’s kind in Africa.

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