Welcome to SANE/SART NorCal

Our Mission:

To provide the victims of sexual assault in the Northern California Counties of Napa, Solano, Sonoma, Marin, Mendocino and Lake, the 24-hour-a-day availability of a Professional Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner(SANE).

We operate as one agency of the three-part Sexual Assault Response Team (SART) to providing services to sexual assault victims by performing forensic medical-legal exams and offering expert testimony to the judicial system.


Napa,  Marin and Solano Counties Police Agencies, including military law enforcement officers at Travis Airforce Base, initiate the SART Team. After responding to a reported sexual assault, police officers call Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners to assist in the investigation.


The Judicial System relies on forensic exam evidence to file and successfully prosecute sexual offenders. Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners (SANEs) are on call 24-hours-a-day to respond to law enforcement agency requests for sexual assault exams. They may be called to any one of four hospital-based exam facilities and are trained to collect and preserve forensic evidence. SANEs are also available to testify in court.


Two other agencies complete the SANE/SART team: Sexual Assault Victim Services (SAVS), in Napa County, and SafeQuest in Solano County. These agencies respond immediately to provide emotional support to the victim at the time of the exam. They provide advocacy, counseling and support throughout the criminal justice process.